XR WA 360 Cinema

Seamless 360 Cinema for 3,000+ people

XR WA is Australia’s first festival 100% dedicated to immersive commerce, art and culture. As part of the exhibition strategy the mission was to set up a 50 seat 360 cinema with 5.1 surround sound and capable of screening multiple films across the festival.

The Challenge

Large scale events always pose a challenge due to the requirement for seamless delivery of the experience and number of attendees. Multiple devices all need to stay in Sync so everyone can enjoy a shared experience, just like the cinema. When in such a busy venue you need a system you can depend on there’s no time to stop the show to help a customer who is having difficulty with their headset.

The Execution

Preparation was key for this event. Making sure all devices had the right content loaded and smoothly thanks to our content manager. At the event the dreamdeck360™ system ran over 50 headsets all in 100% synchronisation and without a single drop out. The dreamdeck360@ content management system allowed the exhibition team to switch between over 8 different films that were on offer, providing a seamless smooth exhibition experience for the XRWA team and the patrons.


The Results

While the XR:WA team were a little nervous to begin with, virtually all the nerves were gone after the first few hours as the dreamdeck360™ system performed flawlessly. It was an immensely successful activation with over 3,000 visitors and helped XR:WA execute one of the most memorable attractions at the festival.


  • Client XR WA
  • Date 07/11/2019
  • Categories 360 Video, Festival
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