WA Museum

The Antartica Experience

The Challenge

In early 2018 we were approached by the Western Australian Maritime Museum to help them mount a large scale presentation of an upcoming 360 film they had partly commissioned from local filmmaker Whitespark Pictures. The exhibition team and the filmmaker had been considering using individual VR headsets, with headphones and swivel chairs to show the film. We convinced the executive team at the Maritime Museum to deploy our dreamdeck360™ immersive cinema system, which they were quite rightly very cautious about.

The Execution

dreamdeck360™@WAMuseum Australia ©2018 framevr

It was a bold move which paid off for the Museum multiple times over having had over 20,000 visitors across a 12 week activation. Using our system would allow them to process much high turnover of visitors with little ingress and egress time wasted and supervision coming from existing visitor experience staff there was no need for specialist staff. the dreamdeck360™ team trained all visitor experience staff and provided on site technical support throughout the activation.

“I have to say watching the Antartica Experience with my grandson was one of the most special moments in my life, the fact that we were watching it together with 5.1 surround sound was incredible”  Malcolm Tunbridge UK

The Results

Because of the innovation provided by the dreamdeck360™ system the WA Museum has turned the Antartica Experience into a travelling exhibition which is currently still showing at museums in Australia and international locations showing to over 100,000 visitors and counting.



  • Client WA Museum
  • Date 09/06/2018
  • Categories 360 Video, Museum, Natural World
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