Educational Incursions

Introducing Immersive Experience in the Education Sector

The Challenge

Bringing new and nacent technology into the educational environment is always going to be a challenge and VR presents it’s own set of challenges. How do you create a unified experience that the students can discuss in realtime? How do you scale an experience to between 20 and 30 pupils at a time? How to you get staff to wrangle the technology?

We were approached by a high school who were keen to introduce immersive technology (AR/VR/XR) to their year 9,10 and 11 students. The school had been reluctant to invest in an array of expensive hardware and the staff training and up-skilling to set and use the equipment and content, but were acutely aware of the need to introduce the technology to the pupils.

The Execution

We decided to kill two birds with one stone by creating a one day XR incursion into the college. The incursion consisted of a 20 minute immersive 360 documentary on climate change, which was delivered via a 20 seat dreamdeck360™ installation, the film presentation was followed by a 20 minute presentation on XR, covering the history, the formats, evolution of the technology, current use cases, jobs of the future and further training opportunities.

The Results

Over the course of one day 100 students participated in the sessions, the feedback from both students and teachers was overwhelmingly positive and heads of department from humanities to science booked subject specific incursions for their subject areas on the spot. In particular was feedback from the students on how they were inspired to examine careers in immersive media production.





  • Client Sacred Heart School
  • Date 06/07/2019
  • Categories 360 Video, education
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